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Has anybody heard of "Nick Guarino?" I've Been involved with
the markets dating back to 1974 when the Dow was below 600.
There have been a lot of books written on gloom and doom, but
this guy takes the cake. According to him, we're headed to soup
lines. Anyway he has a $5000 newsletter to show you how to
profit from this economic, and monetary collapse.
Just wondering if anybody elsehas seen his offer. If there
is a better place for me to post this message I would
appreciate that also.

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I am no exert on the markets but I have received Mr. Guarino's newletter and warnings / prophecies on the near future of the markets and it makes a lot of sense. He presents a 'gloom and doom' picture that is far-fetched but not so far fetched if you bear with his reasoning. It is pretty sobering logic.
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