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Even though I was just SICK about the Detroit-Colorado game last night, I did have to share a cute story that happened on the way home to watch it.

I picked my son up from daycare (he's nearly five). I told him that the Red Wings were going to be on tv that night, so he asked who they were playing. I told him they were playing the Avalance. He drew back and loudly exclaimed in his "copying the cool kids voice"

"That is SOOO WEAK! Every bit of them!"

I couldn't help but chuckle a little, and swell with pride. Even though we never get snow and ice here, he's decided he wants to skate and play hockey. He is build a little like Rod Brind'Amour. . .

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Good game last night... didn't watch the whole thing but parts were good...


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Go Red Wings !!!!

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I saw that game too, to bad the wings lost : ( but the ten best moments of the wings, Avs rivalry were a little strange. Most of them were an Avs player crushing someones head into the boards. But #2 was the two teams shaking hands? dosen't sound like much of a rivalry to me.

Go Red Wings (Better luck next time)
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