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Dear Fools,

For all who have not gotten the word, please watch 60 Minutes tonight. I believe that it does not even mention "" However, the facts it presents and the story it tells are well known to me, as are the witnesses who will appear on camera. I expect the piece will tell precisely the story of which I became aware in the autumn of 2004.

If my behavior has seemed a little strange since then, perhaps it will appear a bit more explicable if you watch this and reflect on the wider market ramifications of the behavior described. Ask yourself as you watch it, "These guys are making money from someone: whose money is being siphoned off?



PS Remember the story you see tonight is itself just a chunk of the issue of the looting of the savings of Americans. But how do you get someone to eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
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Basketball running a little long.....
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Hopefully the all the negative publicity will get MSN Money to drop Gradient's StockScouter from their site. For all their bad kharma Gradient deserves what it's getting.
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