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DH bought a much bigger watermelon than we can eat (or store) so I carved out about 1/4, cut up, put it in the Vitamix with a handful of ice cubes, big squeeze of lime, about a teaspoon of stevia, and ran it on high/10 for a minute or two. Not only was it super-delicious but there was nothing to strain out (instructions usually add "strain the solids" if it's made in a blender). Vitamix liquefies everything. 1/4 medium watermelon made two generous glasses.

Ran a lime wedge around the glass rim and rubbed it in some It sure is helping with the 95° NC heat.

cm, aqua fresca fan in general
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Good idea.

On our monthlong tour of India, watermelon juice was the juice available with breakfast. English breakfast was available, but I never ate it. I had sambar (amazing South Indian soup), dosa (crepe stuffed w/potatoes & other vegetables & herbs), watermelon juice, and chai every day. I really missed South Indian breakfast when I got home.
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