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No. of Recommendations: 2
I don't know how U of Alabama comes out on the Top Party Schools list, but I can't imagine anyplace could ever top yesterday. And I didn't see a single person throw up.
Only flaw is that despite their refined pallates for great food, the beer of choice always seems to be Bud or Bud Lite. I don't even use that to bait in yellow jackets.

The fall weather is phenonomal...Two months straight of a New England indian summer, with more to come. And a terrific foliage show without the traffic jammed roads.

There are real estate opportunities here with UA enrollment topping 30K, and lots of rebuilding still to do.

For reirement, there are some nice properties here priced at half of what they would go for in the northwest. There are few suburbs. You can live in a rural setting within 20 minutes of the urban areas.
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