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Value Fools,

Through year-end 2017, Inside Value produced 20.7% annualized returns over the prior five years (a period that we consider long-enough to matter), and 14% annualized returns since our inception in August 2004. That compares to the S&P 500 Total Return index, which generated annualized returns of 15.8% over the five-year period and 9.2% since our inception. Over both time periods, Inside Value’s recommendations outperformed the market by an average of about 5% per year!

In the first quarter of 2018 (a period that we don’t consider long-enough to matter), Inside Value continued its outperformance, generating a positive return of 1.2% compared to the S&P 500, which posted a total return of negative -0.8%. We’re only sharing our first quarter performance with you to remind you that Inside Value’s 32% increase for our average recommendation in 2017 likely would not be repeated in 2018 (or very often at all), because beating the market is fun and feels good (even over shorter time horizons), and because this is the last chance we’ll have to celebrate Inside Value’s market-beating performance together on the IV homepage. After nearly fourteen years, we are closing down the service and our scorecard as Inside Value becomes part of Market Pass. (But don’t worry…better things to come)!

We want to sincerely thank you for the lessons, laughs, and community you’ve helped us build over the years. We also want to thank our Inside Value advisors (Philip Durell, Joe Magyer, and Rich Greifner) for their Foolish leadership and stock-picking prowess, which helped produce those returns we are all so proud of and thankful for. We finally want to thank everyone else including analysts, editors, tech and marketing support, member services, and Motley Fool product and management teams for helping to educate, amuse, and enrich all of us on our investing journeys. It’s been a great ride, value Fools!

But it doesn’t have to be goodbye and we sincerely hope it isn’t! The ride can continue, and we think the road to long-term market beating returns is now through Market Pass.

Inside Value members will have temporary access to Market Pass, our innovative, new stock-picking service. Members of Market Pass will receive Tom and David Gardner’s market-crushing advice in Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers along with additional exclusive stock recommendation spread across dividend, small cap, and value investing strategies, and special deep-dive industry reports. Our aim with Market Pass is to provide you with a constant stream of our highest conviction ideas and help members make sense of the hundreds of stock picks across the Fool. In short, Market Pass is the “all in one” solution for Foolish diversified investing, and the value team is so excited to be a part of it.

Here’s the best part for value investing Fools: The current value team led by Rich, and supported by Philip and John, isn’t going anywhere. We will continue to work as a team and use the same strategy that we used at Inside Value to recommend stock ideas in Market Pass.

As a team, we want to thank you again for the memories and support you’ve shown us over the last 14 years. For those of you that decide not to join us in Market Pass, we wish you all the best and hope that we see you in another Foolish service. But, we hope you do join us for an even-more Foolish experience as we attempt to beat the market together over the next 14 years and longer.

Fool on, value Fools!
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Congratulations on the impressive track record! Given the success, could you help spread some understanding as to why IV was canceled?
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Will the IV stocks be carried over to Market Pass or will you start with a new slate of stocks?
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InvestGuy, the decision to close Inside Value by the product services team was not made quickly or easily, and it was not made based on market performance of the service. The team performs constant market research among current member Fools as well as prospective member Fools and uses that data to create new product offerings that they feel will be well received, as well as making the difficult decisions of older services that do not seem to be meeting evolving needs.

For those who have been with IV for a long time, this can be hard to take because Inside Value is a reliable investing partner to you, a best friend to your portfolio. TMF gets that. But just as TMF emphasizes removing emotion from investing decisions, they have to remove emotion from product service decisions and the data told them that Inside Value's run, along with HG, II and DMP, had come to an end.

CDSource, the IV stocks will not be carried over to Market Pass en mass, though since your same analyst team will be making regular recommendations in Market Pass, I expect you'll see many of the best opportunities find their way there.

But don't think that the recommendations are being abandoned completely. In addition to the final report that has already been published, all the general topic discussion boards, like this one, will be moved to the public side of so IV Fools can continue the conversations that have added value to the IV service for so many. And the individual company boards will be merged into the new Premium Commons forum, so those discussions can continue as well but with more Fools. All your existing bookmarks into the boards for favorite posts will be preserved.

Yes, this is an ending, and a bitter sweet one for a service that has won recognition for being creme of the crop. But the move to Market Pass is also an opportunity to continue the same value-focused investing you love but with additional opportunities to explore other aspects of the investing world. I encourage all IV Fools to give Market Pass a shot and keep the spirit of Inside Value alive wherever your investing journey takes you.

Who has a number of positions from MDP, HG, II and IV among the 120+ positions in his portfolio, so he too is going to have to make some hard decisions about where his assets will be invested going forward...

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Thanks for the questions.

IV stocks will not be carried over, but we do suspect that we will recommend some of the same stocks in Market Pass.

Fool on!
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