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From Cliff Mass:

Fixing the National Weather Service's Computer Gap
In previous blogs, I have documented the profound inadequacy of the computational resources used for operational numerical weather prediction by the National Weather Service (NWS) and the serious implications this deficiency has for the quality of weather forecasts in the U.S. I have described how the world-leading European Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (ECMWF) now has more than ten times the computer power as the U.S. Environmental Modeling Center (EMC), how U.S. skill in global prediction is in second or third place, and how the lack of computer resources is crippling the NWS's ability to move forward in probabilistic prediction, the next major area of development....

When U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell learned about the lack of computer power for U.S. numerical weather prediction at a luncheon I attended, she asked an important question of the head of the NWS: how can this be when Congress has appropriated large amounts of funds for weather and climate computers? He did not answer, but the answer is clear: nearly all of these resources have been unavailable for weather prediction--most are used for climate studies....

The other problem is that the NWS is wasting a substantial amount of the limited computer power it does have today....The red color on the lower portion, the largest use of the computer, is for the Climate Forecast System, in which they run seasonal forecasts. But they run these forecasts FOUR TIMES A DAY, which makes no sense.

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