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Last night we went to a Flamenco concert in a sold-out downtown theater. It was a perfect blend of music, song and dance. A good time was had by all. During intermission I ran into my doctor friend, the one I met at a Spanish conversation group, the one who wanted out of the doctoring business in a big way, at age 42. He said he'd call me about having lunch (where have I heard that before?). I'd like to get caught up, though, since the last time I spoke with him he was going to take a public health class to see if he wanted to go for the MPH.

One of the songs performed at the concert was a flamenco version of one I had only heard once, years ago, in a bar in the town of Ajijic on the shore of Lake Chapala outside Guadalajara on the night of Mexican independence day. The owner, a very talented singer/guitarist, was joined by an equally talented member of the audience for a number of songs, this being one of them. I liked it enough that when we went back to the same bar the next night, I requested it. The owner said he didn't know it, it was one that the audience member had brought with her. So I had to wait until last night to hear it again. A lesson in patience.

Today we had lunch with the head of the non-profit group I met during my first trip to Guatemala, and his wife. He's the guy who invited me down a second time to do some interpreting and also the guy who got me into my best investment vehicle. We ate outside in the shade in perfect, lightly breezy, upper-70s weather. One thing you can count on the yuppie part of town for is good food.

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