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Hi Fools,

I'm honored and excited to be managing a real-money portfolio for The Motley Fool and in front of readers.

Please feel free to use this message board to ask questions about my published picks and to share your thoughts and suggestions on potential stock selections.

I look forward to having you join me in this bold, new Foolish investment journey!


Andy Louis-Charles (TMFAloha)

p.s. - you can see my most recent picks and portfolio performance here:

p.p.s - you can also follow me on twitter:
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Where to go from here? I like your ROIC buy although I've not yet followed suit. The downturn changes things, yes?
I don't have enough $ to qualify for options trading ability at Scottrade, so they won't help me. What now, man? Buy here? Wait?

Easy Avenue
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Hi EasyAvenue,

Thanks for following along with my ALOHA portfolio buys!

ROIC is my highest conviction selection so far and I believe the stock

is currently a strong buy anywhere around book value (+/- 20%). If you

have any other thoughts or questions about ROIC, or any other of my

Rising Star picks, feel free to ask / post!


Andy L-C (TMFAloha)

p.s. - And thanks for being the first poster, and potentially the first recruit, for the small, but growing Aloha Army!
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