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Well . . . I am. But you seem to have simply become a condescending Wall Street DEM who thinks you have more standing than you have or deserve.

The dilemma we all face, Nessie, is that it's simply impossible to do what the progressives are demanding -- at present, at least. The fact that there are NOT ENOUGH PROGRESSIVES IN CONGRESS to get done what progressives want to do, and that they have to settle for getting SOME OF WHAT THEY WANT DONE rather than ALL OF IT, is simply a sad fact of reality. But they are, with the Democrats "in charge," getting SOME OF WHAT THEY WANT. With the Republicans in charge progressives get, not just NOTHING of what they want, BUT THE RAPID WRENCHING BACK OF MOST OF WHAT THEY ALREADY HAVE!

The frustration at not getting actual justice really is understandable. But the claim that "Wall Street Dems" are "just like Republicans" is simply self-defeating and untrue. There ARE HUGE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS. And perhaps the MOST IMPORTANT OF THESE DIFFERENCES IS THAT DEMOCRATS ACTUALLY WANT A DEMOCRACY, and the current crop of Republicans are virtually ADMITTED FASCISTS.

The fact is that this nation is horribly, perhaps fatally divided between selfish people and generous people, between kind and cruel, between those willing to engage with reality and those who are not. And if we're not really careful now, the selfish and cruel and those who prefer the "FREEDOM TO BE SELFISH AND CRUEL" are going to take complete and permanent control because the progressives who are demanding things that are at present absolutely IMPOSSIBLE TO IMPLEMENT will refuse to support the only party capable of EVENTUALLY providing most of those things. And the sad truth is that they are going to suffer the most from this petulant conviction that "both sides are equally bad." Because both sides aren't, and the good guys quite simply lack the POWER TO DO WHAT THE PROGRESSIVES ARE DEMANDING.

Moreover, we on the progressives side are not guaranteed to be right about all of our wishes. We need sometimes to be more pragmatic, given that no one has yet invented a system which guarantees a just outcome for all. I have a pretty good idea of the kinds of changes necessary to APPROACH to such a system, but I could be wrong. Unless the progressives manage to seize the same kind of absolute power the fascists are trying to seize, they will almost certainly NEVER GET EVERYTHING THEY WANT.

I said in 2016 that we were about to lose the Supreme Court -- probably forever -- if the progressives were unwilling to support the Democrats in sufficient numbers. And they weren't and we got Trump and three regressive Supreme Court Justices. This petulant, immature demand that immediate change happen or they will withdraw their support from Democrats is so utterly self-defeating so useless and ultimately damaging that their the damage they may do is increasingly likely to destroy the country. Their demands are a kind of hostage-taking: "Give us the absolute justice we've been denied since forever, or we'll let the fascists tear it all down." They said that in 2016, and we got Trump. Because NO ONE HAS THE POWER TO GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT, and they're unwilling to accept that fact.

And THAT may turn out to be the ironically most tragic reason for the fall of American democracy. Not the rise of the fascists, but the rejection of reality by enough people on the left to PREVENT the triumph of the fascists.

I get the emotional need for "justice at last." I get it. But that's not how reality works. I endorse all of the goals of the progressives in terms of policy. I cannot endorse, however, the notion that unless the Democrats manage to achieve these goals they are "as bad as the Republicans."
Nor that it will be the fault of the Democrats in Congress, writ large, if either they can't get for the progressives all that the progressives want, nor that it doesn't matter if the fascists win if they don't get what they want. It's pretty clear what the consequences are going to be if the progressives fail to support the Democratic Party. If they refuse to face this fact, the Progressives are going to carry no small part of the burden of responsibility for those consequences.

And you, Nessie, keep suggesting that what the Democrats should do in order to avoid the wrath of the Progressives is to DO THE IMPOSSIBLE -- TO GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT. Maybe you're not willing to face reality, either, if you think that screaming at the Dems to do the impossible or else is going to have a positive effect. Maybe you ought to be encouraging the Progressives to face and accept reality and to settle for what we can get under the circumstances. And, yeah - that means accepting a whole hell of a lot of injustice. Because, absent a bloody revolution, human nature, sadly, doesn't give the pursuit of justice a straight and obvious path.

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