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Well, I've been flamed viciously, and called all sorts of names by people posting at the Fool website, including "troll" etc.

That quote is from one of the other boards on which you posted recently with the same basic message. And no, actually, you haven't been anything close to "viciously" flamed on any of the multiple boards on which you have posted the same messages. There have been some who have called you on your posts, some who have agreed with you, some who have asked your advice as if you are someone to be admired. A rare few have made less-than-generous comments about your posts. But to intimate that you have been terribly maligned, using the inflammatory words that you did in a "Whoa is me, poor me, nobody understands me" kind of statement is not effective posting. It does, however, tend to validate those who have disagreed with your posting style.

How do I know the above? Because I took the time to read all 25 of your posts, including all replies. On each and every board. It was actually a great waste of my time, time that I will never recoup. Why did I do it? I dunno. To prove a point, perhaps.

You see, it is always possible that you do have a pure motive in posting. As it turns out, in the essentials of your posts, you were right. Banks have cut dividends, stock prices have plunged, and there is likely more of the same to come.

However, the manner in which you posted, basically copying and pasting the same messages on multiple boards, amounts to what is termed "spamming." It is a denigrated practice, for good reason. The draw of TMF boards is the sense of community, the give-and-take, the elevated dialogue, mentoring, and generation of pertinent information. When one swoops in out of nowhere, makes big noises, and then promptly leaves, it invites the kind of suspicion that your posts have evoked in some.

After reading the posts, here, I can see that most people still don't understand the full depth of the trouble this big bank is in. They have the 3rd largest inventory of deeply devaluated leveraged buyout bonds, behind only JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs. The credit card business is bad with huge default numbers. The M&A business is dead. The mortgage business is dying.

Throwing out statements of doom and gloom, without backing them up with hard facts, validating links, or other substantiation leads to a somewhat jaundiced view of what you have to say. For instance, you state the mortgage business is dying? Do you presume that people are going to stop buying homes -- completely?? -- forever?? Or are you saying they will stop using mortgages and buy with only cash? This statement, alone, invites a quizzical skepticism, at best. If you want to be taken seriously, be prepared to back up blatantly ludicrous statements with some form of logic or reasoning behind the belief.

I suspect, rather, that you crave attention, and while your posts -- on the surface -- suggest a compassion for all the "little folks" out there investing, your real motivation was to achieve just the kind of controversy that ensued regarding your posts. That, by definition, is "trolling." Hence the one person who suggested as much.

If you are truly interested in helping others to achieve investing success, and you are truly willing to share your hundreds of hours of research and gained insights, then stick around to respond intelligently, calmly, and tactfully to those who disagree. We don't all have to agree, but we do generally request that others share the TMF credo of "educate, amuse and enrich."

Try dialing the rhetoric down a notch, enlighten us with your vast store of data, and hang around to help walk all we "uninformed, misguided fools" to the promised land.

If I have misjudged, my apologies in advance. But you tend to reap what you sow, and thus far, what you have sown are merely seeds of discontent.

Best regards,
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