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Can't deny that a part of me wants to see Buffalo come out as the long term winner here.
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ESPN anchor this morning:

Jack Eichel traded from Buffalo to Las Vegas, (with smirk on his face)

“slight lifestyle change”
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“slight lifestyle change”

I think it is good that Eichel won't be seen as a leader on Vegas, because I don't think he is one.

My sympathies here are with the Sabres fans, and not Eichel and not Buffalo management. I think both misplayed this situation. It will be a key issue in the next CBL in my opinion. Yes, players should have the right to seek the treatment they think is best for them and their careers, but ... yes ownership should be able to walk away from contracts in such conflicts.

Vegas approach of continuously trading away young talent is one I would be happy to see fail.
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