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What a bunch of hooey... this sounds it was written by some desperate lib businessman trying to extort the most amount of taxes out of people, never letting them earn less and pay less to the government for the privilege of 'working'.

1. There is no physical reason to retire.

Death is permanent...and I would rather have many years to do WHAT I WANT, and not what some company wants.

As you get older, you cannot always do the things you wanted to do when you were younger.

Stress is a very good reason to retire. Deadlines, pointy-haired bosses, expected overtime and 60 hour work weeks in a hard to get job market.....


2. Continued work can support healthy aging, including better physical and mental health.

Desk jobs as he noted don't support better aging, but more stress and more problems. Physical health sitting at a desk? ha......Mental health in a high stress environment? ha.....


3. Well-being and happiness are boosted when people are engaged in challenging and meaningful activities. Work is a major place to find such activities in our society.

Make that it is just ONE place to find such activities. THere are thousands of other places for 'challenging and meaningful activities' , especially to oneself!....


4. Older people have rich experience and mentoring skills to help enrich the workplace experiences of younger colleagues.

So what? Did I ever get rewarded at work for 'mentoring' younger workers? NOT.....usually the boss's pet worker was assigned to do work not qualified, then I had to help bail him out, he got all sorts of accolades..and promotions......and I got ignored at promotion time. Been there, done that..... plus of course, I had my own work to do.

yep, in some cases, that is true. In many cases, you are just busy trying to get your work done. And keep your job as the bean counters realize that guy you just trained is making 20% less than you and after you have 'coached' him for a year or two, can do your job, too. When it is layoff time, they want YOU to go, not him.


5. Declining numbers of younger workers, courtesy of lower fertility rates, will raise the need to retain older employees in the workforce.

Not my problem.


6. We need and like the money, and shorter retirements sharply cut the risk we will outlive our assets.

Speak for yourself. I'm sure that is why the public sector unions all wrote contracts that allow retirement after 20 years for police and fire fighters, and 30 years for toll takes, sanitation workers, etc, with nearly 100% of pay and health care benefits.....

I need and like money, but not gobs of money ......

And why should I work another ten years, pay another half million in make some company a lot of money? For what reason? I would save a bunch of it, then have more money that I could spend in a much shorter expected retirement.

HEck, I worked 31 years. I hope I get to have 31 years in retirement, which will get me to 83.

I had fun times at work. I had boring times at work. It's sure been nice not to be working for the past 13.3 years. I have no intention of 'going back to work' or 'making money as an employee'.....

Only those without enough assets to retire, or without a decent pension and SS....should consider working to a later age. Or those who are work-a-holics with no outside interests.....those folks should stay at work as long as possible., They'll be bored with retirement.

Life isn't about how many days you spent at the office. Very few say on their death bed : "I wish I had spent more time in the office".


I tend to be conservative in my estimates. I'll have a cushion but once that cushion is funded, I'm not staying for the money.
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