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What a bunch of hypocritical crap!

Matt Asay, head of developer ecosystem for Adobe, recently tweeted: “Someone asked me today if MongoDB is still open source. I thought he was joking but since October 16, 2018, MongoDB is no longer open source. It’s SSPL-licensed, which is not an OSI-approved license. It’s open-ish, but not open source. This genuinely makes me sad.”

From Adobe, which makes its billions on proprietary software and only uses open source software to supplement its proprietary products or to make its internal software cheaper. Yes, Adobe is a substantial contributor to open source, but only because it helps sell their proprietary software and make their operating budget cheaper. But no no no no, how dare someone get paid for their creations. Best to let the big boys steal it, sell it, and thumb their noses at the idiots who put their blood, sweat, and tears into it to begin with.


But this is the controversy and problem for Mongo. It is not just Red Hat but the open source ethic usurped by the commercial giants like Adobe, Microsoft (the largest open source contributor in the world while also the world's leading seller of proprietary software), et al. As long as it benefits them screw anyone else.

I don't know how much Mongo depends on these third party commercial relationships. I know Mongo and Adobe have a close integration partnership. On the other hand Microsoft competes with Mongo so nothing to speak of there. How much business does this impact, or is it, just like in politics, say mean words, act as if your disappointed, and 3 months later it is all forgotten and business as usual. I don't know. Will Adobe, as a matter of corporate policy now choose to write Mongo out of its software integrations? Does it even matter if they do?

Maybe someone else can enlighten us in regard.

It is also clear, and this just goes into the greater heart of the hypocrisy, is that AWS (as the present devil, but no one is complaining from the open source community other than Mongo) is taking this Mongo "compatibility" and turning it into a proprietary locked in database for AWS.

Thus, AWS can now emulate Mongo, thus taking sales from still open-source Mongo - new license or not, that works anywhere and has only moderate lock-in, and instead Mongo should SUBSIDIZE AMAZON'S SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT SO THAT OTHER COMPANIES CAN EASIER LOCK THEMSELVES INTO A PROPRIETARY DATABASE!

Only a dogmatic idiot does not understand the implications here of what Amazon is doing to destroy open-source development of software and the repercussions. Of course destroy innovation and you make the big dogs jobs easier as they don't have to fend off the disruptors and the little dogs.

Philosophically you see where I come down, but how cares. It is more about how does this impact Mongo. Clearly Mongo is #1 and onto something good, thus the little Mongo is being taken down. Just as anyone in say law school who aces the bar is taken down by those who don't (oh the bar, who cares) so anyone who is less than Mongo is trying to tear them down to gain advantage. Mongo vs. the Industry.

Does MongoDB have the power to face this battle? I have no clue, depends if this philosophical argument becomes an organized movement against MongoDB to punish them, or if it stays as just fighting words.

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