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He simply cannot resist. He has no sense of duty, no generosity of spirit, no respect for anyone -- not even for the office of the Presidency he currently holds, nor for the American people he purports to represent.

I know we shouldn't be shocked, but it would feel truly immoral NOT to be shocked. Sickened, at the very least.

But we do have to remember -- America, we did this to ourselves. For various illegitimate reasons, depending upon whom you ask, we allowed this to happen. We allowed a greedy, selfish, racist, vulgar, cruel narcissist and con man to get elected to the highest office in the land, and to stand as representing our deepest values on the world's stage.

I cannot wait until he is gone. He is repulsive in every possible way.

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Worst thing to Trump is not getting attention.
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Maybe AF1 should just fly him to GITMO instead.
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