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I created this portfolio to prove a point: that a group of stocks in one-sector that move up and down together was the secret to winning this game. That idea worked for a while, but recently our leader Russell (aka TMFEldrehad) has been running away from the rest of us.


I closed most of my 5% winners on the day the XLE broke out to new highs, while oil was still basically trending lower.


As of today I dropped out of the top 3 and decided to add some new picks to get my score up (the accuracy is already okay). I intend to only choose the most obvious picks available to keep my accuracy high.

DALRQ incredibly overbought and overpriced on some temporary short-covering.

HEB a biotech with nothing to recommend it: running low on cash, and no interesting drug prospects.

TCHC is a very undervalued stock in a slightly risky industry.


As any oil stocks drop to new lows I will consider re-adding them to my portfolio. Otherwise I plan to gradually add any stocks that I believe are greatly over (or under) valued.

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Are you a day trader?

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He's a month trader! (I'm a week trader in Caps myself, but not nearly as successful as Mr. Caps.)


Just a correction for those playing at home. Mr. Caps is short Nortwest right now, not Delta (as are a few other of us with questionable sanity), at least according to his scorecard.

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I wish I could figure a play on CRF. All the shares are already shorted at Scottrade.

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Dear mr Caps,

Please stop fooling us,please.

I send formal feedback To the Fools too.

Let take the manipulation of short positions.

I see in your portfolio as of close of the market on 01-12-2007 you have short position NSU -lit makes 22 % gain and S&P

makes 5 % gain.

System shows 27 % -is it really.

Nope-you made 22 and S&P 5 % gains.

Real diferrence is 22-5=17


Let say 4 short gain for NSU and 5 for

S&P well you will have 9 % diference.

Really you lost 1 compare to S&P.


Whom helps this abnormality?

Really nobody.

Help to correct this false calcualtions and make this site real investing chalenge site



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You don't know how shorting works than Novavm. The idea is that by shorting the stock you not only gain the 4% when you close the position, but you can invest that money in the S&P for a 5% in the meantime. It is like borrowing at a -4% interest rate.

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