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If these fit..
Dicks Sporting Goods (DKS) reported, they beat estimates.
Some competitors are closing down, DKS hopes to pick up some of their business.
Article in WSJ today seemed to be on a positive note, but ended with DKS might be overpriced. (page B20, so you don't have to look to hard to find it)
And, DKS is down so far for the day, about 7% I think it was. That seems contrary to the numbers that they reported.
Out of the money call options trading at a decent premium?

And on the buy-what-you-know front....I recently had to buy new cleats. I'm in a fairly large city...and much to my astonishment, DKS was the only place around that carried any.

Amaya (AYA) reported yesterday, and have a buyout offer. However, some segments of AYA have been all smoke and mirrors in the past. Is it all smoke and mirrors now?

Been watching for a long time for Jeld-Wen's IPO to come out. Now it looks like it might not happen?
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There's no simple definition of a Special Ops investment. The strategy seeks special situations with opportunistic value - companies with catalysts that can unlock value hidden from view. This can be through activist situations, spinoffs or break ups, turnarounds and post-bankruptcy recoveries, etc.

So does Dicks Sporting Goods fall into any of these generalizations? Is it's value hidden from view? Your analysis appears to be focused on stock price but I think that a special ops strategy focuses on the businesses. As for AYA, I'm not sure how much upside a company that is an acquisition target can offer unless there's' confidence in a competing bid. Whomever has made an offer will undoubtedly perform due diligence analysis and if there are shady pieces of the pie, that will surely come to light.

Who doesn't think IPOs are necessarily special ops opportunities and notes in general they can be risky and volatile ventures...

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