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This helpful reminder of the value of price signals comes to us from Reason Magazine and Reason TV, which underscores why ObamaCare won’t actually do anything to lower medical costs. Two surgeons in Oklahoma City got tired of working within the third-party-payer construct and started posting cash-up-front retail costs for surgeries on their website. The result? Patients responded to the honest approach, and surgeries took place at a significantly lower cost than within the traditional insurance/Medicare model. Why? Because these patients didn’t have to subsidize surgeries for other people — or pay for expensive administrators to deal with the issues arising from the third-party-payer model:

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From the same link:

Surgery wait times for deadly ovarian, cervical and breast cancers in Quebec are three times longer than government benchmarks, leading some desperate patients to shop around for an operating room.

But that’s a waste of time, doctors say, since the problem is spread across Quebec hospitals. And doctors are refusing to accept new patients quickly because they can’t treat them, health advocates say.

A leading Montreal gynecologist said that these days, she cannot look her patients in the eye because the wait times are so shocking. Lack of resources, including nursing staff and budget compressions, are driving a backlog of surgeries while operating rooms stand empty. The latest figures from the provincial government show that over a span of nearly 11 months, 7,780 patients in the Montreal area waited six months or longer for day surgeries, while another 2,957 waited for six months or longer for operations that required hospitalization.

The worst cases are gynecological cancers, experts say, because usually such a cancer has already spread by the time it is detected. Instead of four weeks from diagnosis to surgery, patients are waiting as long as three months to have cancerous growths removed.
I suggest reading the rest at the link i provided, it gets into the coming doctor shortage here and other goodies.
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Today Mark Perry has a post on that same surgery center:

Markets in everything: Market-based, low overhead medical care with transparent pricing as an antidote to Obamacare

It's a shame that government policies discourage inexpensive health care such as this.

My guess is that the government will *force* this type of medical facility to accept insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid at some point, driving the cost up.
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