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Nothing. Ok, not quite true. My day looked like:

Took my vitamins.
Ate a yogurt and a cinnamon applesauce.
Ate some quesadillas.
Ate some grapes.

I don't think this is the end. Even if there is a dead cat bounce on Monday.
Not blowing my solid 70%+ YTD gains chasing a knife.

I need really really good capitulation before I think there is a bottom here.
Forget covid/omicron. This is about tapering and the Fed and the end of the free money that started thanks to covid in Spring 2020.

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Hungry though. Going to get something to eat.

Market may rally from here.
Market could drop hard tomorrow.
MDB could pop after hours.
MDB could collapse after hours.

Point is, nothing strikes me as a great bargain and buying dip (short-term) so with Fed next week, why rush to do anything.

GLBE was a stud today. Again. Not quite back to ATH, but close at 75%.

While Nasdaq was up today, it was interesting to see some names stay down, like MDB, ZS, SE, ESTC, NET, etc...

So if the market is truly being a bit selective, then I don't feel comfortable buying any ol' dip.
If I do decide to ride a bounce, it will probably be in names I am ok with holding longer-term (DOCN, SE). Good ol' ESTC was looking interesting. But when has ESTC as a Value play really worked out for me, except for Summer of 2019???

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everything up big.

So I guess LSPD is a good stock again.
And...well...everything is suddenly rainbows and sunshine.

I guess it is the cynical part of me (and yes, I have an optimist part, too!) but when everything suddenly goes up or down the same, it seems pretty clear it has nothing to do with the actual stock/company.

Just dart-throwing.
For everyone fully or mostly invested, I am happy for you...enjoy the day and the ride.

For my part, I have the vehicle in neutral and am just coasting.

If GLBE goes absolutely nuts, and I am not sure what that number is until I see it, in the next couple of days, I may be tempted to sell and take yet another tax hit.

ONDS I keep holding, waiting for the lotto ticket to pay off. I could trim a tiny portion if it just goes up in tandem with a blowoff top market, but not sure the point, as it is completely a story stock waiting on story confirmation.

File under the coulda-shoulda-woulda category: DOCN in the $70s. UPST in the $160s. Remains to be seen if those retreat again at some point.

My win-win continues. Mostly cash, yet benefitting from up days like today. YTD up about 77%, which is about what I did in 2020. Didn't expect that.

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Thought about some things, but ultimately didn't pull a trigger.

I have some limits out there, roughly:

UPST in 130s
GLBE in staggered amounts in mid-50s down to $46-48
DOCN at 76 (came close today)
SE under 220 to 190
and others would be interesting if they fell to "omg" levels, of course.

tomorrow will probably be a raging out-of-control massive UP day, and I will have missed the boat (again). Oh well.

But if another down day...then I might be picking up some shares here and there. We will see.
still up 76.5% YTD, and mostly still in cash, with a bit of GLBE, ONDS, and thimbleful of CCHWF.

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Would love an up day after $UPST and $MNDY's insane drop the past 4 sessions.
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