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No. of Recommendations: 15 the sheer fun of cutting out the words, pasting them in order on a sheet of paper (I have YOUR cat, send $100) and, lastly, peeling off the surgical gloves worn to prevent DNA evidence.

I figure I am making about $16 a word which is a far cry from the five cents a word I was making in magazine writing Yes, fellow writers I thought this at the time munificence. Three days to research and write 1,500 words and then paid a whole $75. Gosh, almighty, I are a paid writer I is. Of course, this was in the days of Underwood typewriters and it may be more these days, maybe up to ten cents.

Then I became an editor of several magazines in succession (How to get Michael Read as your editor: wave money in his face. His eyes glaze and he'll follow you anywhere). I was in the position of paying writers and the rotten sods wanted $75 for just three days work. Ha!

My misfortunes and personal degradation worsened and I started my own advertising agency. Now I was paying people to write as few words as they could and they expecting me to pay them scads of money for doing so. It got so bad and I was paying out so much money to writers that when BBDO offered to buy it took me almost half a minute to say, “Pony up the cash.”

And that phrase was the most per word I have ever earned in writing. About $25,000 a word. So what did I do? I started a writing agency supplying articles at about $75 each.

But back to the beginning of this post: writing ransom notes. Sure beats 1,500 word articles. Of course, your mileage may vary, but I have found it to be productive. And you can be creative:

Little cat lost, can't find her way;
Now staying with a friend to feed and shelter;
Since her collar says that you're her master,
I know that you'll a hundred dollars happily pay.

Go for it.


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RE: MichaelR: "writing ransom notes"

Ranson Notes That We(re) Never Finished Reading:

Dear (Writer), If you ever want to hear from your Editor again ....


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