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Down almost 7% but don't see news?
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The TMF article from three days ago is useful... doesn't give any foreboding of trouble, is useful in backing up our faith in the company...

Read twice, and make a decision... Add to holdings? Or bail?

I am in the first camp... other holders who think that SQ is on the right track might be of like mind...???
Will Square Beat Expectations Again When It Reports Earnings?

From the article: (Last sentence particularly enticing.)
"Square continues to add to its ecosystem of products and services, offering small business owners more ways to succeed. In doing so, the company makes itself stickier and more indispensable. Expect this expanding network to continue to entice new customers and make more from the existing ones. Square will probably also make it six successive quarters of increasing revenue. "
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Date: 11/5/2018
Down almost 7%

And UP almost 7% today... hope you were aboard to enjoy the rise...

(I do think SQ will continue their ascent thru the next 12 months.)

But, ¿quien sabe?
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