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What kind of idiot leaves a loaded gun in a parked car.

That is indeed a bad idea, for obvious and not so obvious reasons. In Michigan if you have a gun in the passenger compartment of the car you're considered to be carrying it concealed. You can legally do so if you have a concealed pistol license (or are otherwise permitted to do so, such as if you're a law enforcment officer) but anyone without a CPL can be charged with a CCW (Carrying Concealed Weapon) violation just by driving that vehicle without a CPL holder present. Leaving a gun in the car can be problematic if someone else could drive that car.

However, there are instances where I leave my gun in my parked car, sometimes because I'm required to by law. If I drive to a place where I cannot leagally carry (such as the post office) I don't have much choice but to leave my gun in my parked car. Likewise if I go to someone's home and they say they don't want my gun in their house I honor their wishes and leave it in the car (that rarely happens). It's only a temporary situation, it isn't stored there on a regular basis (far from it!) but it happens sometimes. It has to, as long as there are gun free zones at least.

Many employers prohibit guns inside their builings, though whether or not they can prohibit them from cars in the parking lot is an open debate (some courts have ruled they cannot, others that they can, depends on what state you're in). So in some states people drive to work and leave their guns in their cars on a regular basis in order to comply with laws and workplace rules. It's either that or they're disarmed while driving to/home from work... not a risk many are willing to take. Why? Well for instance the Subway restaurant I frequent was held-up a couple of years ago at gunpoint. I wasn't there... that day, but I could have been. Armed robbers, carjackers and rapists don't give you the courtesy of scheduling their crimes in advance so you know which day to carry on your commute home so you can defend yourself. Since that's the entire point of carrying concealed while driving some courts have found that employers cannot disarm you during your commute by prohibiting you from storing your gun in your car while parked there.

I don't believe any of these applied to the woman in question, it appears she was indeed storing her firearm in her vehicle on a regular (if not permanent) basis. Given that she was in Detroit being armed at all times isn't a terrible idea though given the car theft rate she was playing russian roulette with someone stealing it. It would have been better to bring it inside with her of course, though perhaps she doesn't have a gun safe (some people in Detroit are VERY poor) and was using her car as one to keep it out of the hands of kids/relatives/friends. In that case it could have been the lesser evil for her. Hey, poor people should be able to defend themselves too... in fact they likely have more need to defend themselves on a regular basis given where they live (the poor are far more likely to be crime targets than the rich, paradoxically!)
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