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i was just wondering, does anyone on this board actually invest in the US market? I've got about AUS$2700 and I'm keen to plough it into shares. I've been itching to invest in Oz, but due to the lack of (free) info, I'm tempted to do it in the US. Any ideas and suggestions?
If I do decide to invest in the us, which broker should i use and should I just invest in 2 stocks?
thanks a million,
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Yes, I do. In fact except for my mutual fund at Perpetual Europe all my stocks are in the US.

I use and my friend use Datek who are both located in the states. If you are more comfortable with Aussie Brokers- TD Waterhouse lets you trade through them for $US 45. You can invest in what you like but remember the currency difference means that you will have about $US 1500 to invest in.

good luck
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