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Was originally going to London staying a week or so, and taking the Euro train into France, exchanging Pounds for Euros in London(have a bank acct there) but changed plans as found a cheap flight some 3 hours after landing at Heathrow, so will go directly onto France, come back to London and have a week plus there. However I forgot that I needed Euros(change, tips money etc, as wont use CC's all the time)and the only option I have)before getting to France) would be at Heathrow Airport and certainly won't exchange Dollars there. However, not sure if this is correct, but heard that Chase through ATM's have the best terms, whatever that means. I have a Chase Sapphire Card)no foreign transaction fees) but never used an ATM machine before and don't you have to have a debit card as opposed to a credit card to do this?

So was wondering whats the best to do in my circumstances, even to ordering Euros from my bank here in the States well before I leave or would I be better off with another method.
Any suggestions? Thx.
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If you check with your credit/debit card company and advise where you will be travelling, your card will get you Euros at most atm's in Europe.

You will pay fees and have an exchange rate. Probably best to do at least 50 Euros at a time.

American Express used to do the exchange rate translation for free, but now they charge.
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Do you have an ATM card from your bank or credit union? If it works Cirrus, Plus, or another common network (look on the card), it'll work at most ATM machines in Europe. It works exactly the same as in the US and is by far the easiest and cheapest way to get cash there.
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Checking account with Charles Schwab. No cost, reimbursed ATM fees using their debit card. Do a travel notice before leaving. You may end up with a brokerage account, too but it doesn’t need to be funded.

If you use a credit card(even with no international transaction fees), it is likely to be considered a cash advance and will trigger interest in your full balance.
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To synopsis the above:

I agree - use an ATM/Debit card when you get to Paris. As suggested, inform your credit/debit card companies where/when you are traveling. While some foreign ATM machines charge a fee (less likely if using one from a major bank - but still common), some ATM card providers reimburse those fees - those supplied by brokers like Schwab and Fidelity as well as cards issued by banks to "Premium" customers (Popular Bank, NYC comes to mind). Most, but not all, ATM cards do not charge a foreign conversion fee when used in a foreign machine.

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