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my 401k has poor (limited) choices. should i cut back
from my current 12% deferral to 6% in order to get the maximum matching funds and start a roth ira instead.
or just keep putting in as much as i can into the
401? i undersatnd i would pay more tax now with the
roth but none later. but the 401 gives me the break now but ill be taxed later. im just really tired of limited choices and meager returns . help please

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1st of all are you getting Units or Shares w/401k?

Find out who your Plan Provider are and then you
notified your company in writing that you want a 5500
form, this will show how much fees are being paid out
to your plan provider also this might change your mind
if you should still invest into 401k plan.

Always, open up Roth IRA's due to the fact what
happens if your company goes belly-up or bankrupt this
well have an effect on your 401k.
Pay your taxes 1st with Roth and sit it
grow!!! After all, you and I don't know what the taxes
will be in coming years.

If you want more funds (I hope it is a no-loaded
funds?) more of your fellow employees must get
involved to make changes. You cannot stand alone!

Never let taxes discourage your finance it's to complex
*Last year 800 new tax laws were past..

My opinion, stay with no-loaded funds, if you have
Annuity (Units) stay with no-load such as Fidelity or
Schwab, they have no surrender charges.

Enclosed are some websites:

I hope this helps?

Good luck and fool on

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