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May 22, 2019

LONDON — Fighting growing calls for her to stand aside quickly, Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain suffered a significant blow Wednesday when a cabinet colleague resigned, saying she could no longer support the government’s latest plan for leaving the European Union.

The cabinet member, Andrea Leadsom, left her position as leader of the House of Commons at the end of a day of swirling rumors about a cabinet coup against Mrs. May. There is a ferocious backlash among Conservative lawmakers against her latest plan to resolve the Brexit crisis.

By her own admission, Mrs. May’s turbulent time in Downing Street is now entering its final stages, and Ms. Leadsom is likely to be a candidate again when the contest to succeed her formally starts.

With Mrs. May’s leadership already on life support, her latest Brexit proposal, announced on Tuesday, was seen as her last chance to salvage some sort of legacy from her time in power by persuading Parliament to accept a variant on a blueprint it has already rejected three times.

Throughout the day Wednesday, pressure mounted on Mrs. May to scrap the vote that she is still promising for the week beginning June 3, and to name the date of her departure immediately.

Late on Sunday results will start coming in from European elections, in which opinion polls suggest the Conservatives will be humiliated. That would put Mrs. May under pressure to resign immediately. But Monday is a public holiday, and Parliament will be on vacation until June 4, when President Trump is scheduled to be in Britain on his state visit.

Will she resign before or after Trump's visit?

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Another black eye for Theresa May:

EU citizens living in the UK have told of their anger after they were unable to vote in the European elections.

The Electoral Commission said the "very short notice" from the government about the UK's participation in the elections had an impact on the process.

A campaign group said thousands of people have been affected by the error.

The government announced on 7 May that the UK would be taking part in the European elections, having previously hoped that a Brexit deal would have been agreed by then.

UK government is falling apart. Theresa May should have resigned weeks ago. She and her party will be punished in the next elections. Now she is not much more than a rotting dead fish on the beach.

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