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Many investors are faced with a fundamental problem: What should I do with my money?

People usually pursue one of four broad solutions to this problem--each has costs and benefits:
Hire an expensive investment advisor that offers a limited value proposition. (generally a bad idea, although quite common)
Hire an affordable advisor that delivers a strong value proposition. (reasonable idea)
Hire a cheap robo-advisor that will deliver a generic, but reasonable value proposition. (reasonable idea)
Do-it-yourself. (reasonable idea)

We think educated investors can successfully move down the "do-it-yourself" path when equipped with the tools and knowledge to move forward. There are a few critical areas to get familiar with, but once that's complete, DIY is perfectly viable for many. For those who are not comfortable with the DIY approach, we recommend approach 2 or 3, depending on personal preferences and circumstances.

Long (25 printed pages)article that I haven't finished yet but it looks interesting.
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When you don't have anything to do this week, its a good time to take a look at your income tax situation for the year. There is still time to sell losers and/or make charitable contributions etc to reduce your tax liability. Or it can still be a good time for a Roth conversion or contributions to your IRA or Roth IRA.

Review your estate plan. Is it up to date? Review all your beneficiary designations. Are they up to date?
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