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Where were the real powerful libertarian voices BEFORE the boondoggle was passed? Can you give me one that condemned that? Most of the libertarians I know were too busy defending Bush.

There were a number of articles at and
Can you name one libertarian who defended Shrubster on anything?

[e: the budget]:
right, so you are not including all the SS/medicare surplus being blown by Bush/Republican Congress. 200 billion or so this year. That's why Bush deficits as % are way bigger than Reagans. Not a very good analysis I'm afraid. And I take it you agree with the phony federal accounting--that doesn't include future, certain, known obligations on SS/Medicare. Shouldn't libertarians be a little sharper on these things if they are going to make an effective case against big government--ala Bush and the 540 billion? (10yrs).

To reiterate what I said, the federal deficits are a manifestation of higher spending, which is the real problem, not the deficit per se.
(See my previous post on budget deficits.)
Before 43, there were huge deficits under FDR (32) and Reagan (40), but the world didn't collapse *because* of the deficits. Under Ronnie, inflation and interest rates even came down and the dollar was generally strong, at least before the Plaza accord and Baker's talking down of the buck.
FDR's deficits didn't cause the criminal internment of 2,000+ U.S. citizens of Japanese descent, didn't help him hatch his court-packing scheme, didn't help him confiscate the peoples' gold, didn't help him launch his antiSocial inSecurity hokem, but Federal spending aided and abetted all these actions and more.
The same is true with Ronnie and Dumbya.
The deficit didn't aid and abet Iran-contra and the propping up of the Taliban in Afghanistan in their war against the Soviets (thanks, Ronnie, for your part in causing 9/11), nor did it cause 43 to invade Iraq, but without government spending, these things wouldn't have happened.

That's why left-liberals love to lash out at budget deficits. Doing so can let them pretend to be against their version of "big government," while ignoring the fact that their tax-and-spend policies have done at least as much as the GOP to give us the big government they profess to want to tame.
FDR lambasted Hoover for his deficits with rhetoric that was a sharp as any you'll ever read, but that was before he lied the U.S. into WW II and ran mountainous deficits that made Hoover's seem like a molehill.

Government accounting is not exactly up to GAAP, but then it's not a profit making entity. And I didn't mention all those off-budget expenditures either.
But all this stuff is fat, and it's the muscle that causes the damage, as Roy A. Childs used to point out. RAC always said to cut out the muscle of government and to ignore the fat. He was right.
Government spending is the muscle, especially on the military and so-called social welfare spending.

[On Canada's markets]:
What was the excuse when the commodities were in the pits and Canada was still running surpluses with US and the rest of the world? What's the US excuse? Current accounts deficts a bogeyman? Tell it to Buffett and anyone else who doesn't believe in a free lunch.

Canada hasn't always run surpluses and the looney was low even when Canada was running a surplus. There is more to foreign exchange movements than budget deficits/surpluses. Buffett's rationale for his bet against the dollar--which hasn't been doing as well recently--is a half truth at best and ignores other conditions such as changes in interest rates, which aren't ultimately caused by deficits, that matter more.

The rest of your post is too incoherent to warrant a reply.


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