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I just thought I'd give you the perspective on the strike from my dear hubby's point of view. (He's a manager in the Information Systems & Services area - a "non-bargaining unit" employee)

He's here at home typing away on his laptop "justifying his existence," to use his words. He expects to be up all night working. It seems that now that all travel expenditures have been axed, everybody's boss is hanging around the office. And instead of just hanging around contemplating their navels, the bosses (in ISS, at least) are actually looking at their staff and saying "hey - so what *do* you do around here, anyway?"

While this creates extraneous work and meetings for my hubby, I'm guessing that it bodes well for the future if those in charge actually have *some* idea of what their staff is doing. Maybe the strike will prove to have some positive outcomes, eh?

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"Maybe the strike will prove to have some positive outcomes, eh?."

On the other hand, as an earlier post suggested, maybe GM management will get rid of all their non-union employees. That way, they won't be able to keep the books, design any cars, or run any of their computer systems; but at least the UAW will be happy. :c)

Good to see you back on the board, Mom.

==> david
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