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In another thread, the poster has retired early - age 50. Not too much earlier than my Dad. For a while he had plenty of guys to do things with - motorcycle riding and snowmobiling. BUT, his buddies were all in their mid to late 60s who did the normal retirement plan. After about 10 years, his buddies got too old (or worse) to be riding snowmobiles and motorcycles and he had lost touch with his peer group who was just retiring. So, he ended up not having anyone to play with.

I quit working when I was 43 out of total frustration with the corporate work. It was fine for a year and then I decided to find part time employment in anything that seemed interesting (coaching, copier operator for a school district, motor coach bus driver, office manager, product research and development, YMCA morning customer service, meals on wheels, some volunteer work, etc.). Fast forward 22 years and I still work 15 hours a week to get out of the house and stay engaged with people my age and younger.

What have other early retirees done to stay active and engaged instead of sitting in a chair watching the world go by?

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Golf three times a week enabled me to meet lots of people and stay physically fit. Also do some hockey skating in the winter. We also get involved at our church and meet lots of people in that group, and churches are always looking for folks to volunteer. Combined with some travel and I'll sya I haven't had a boring day in this first year of early retirement.
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