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Let's start by stating I am a high school mathematics teacher so I have absolutely zero expertise in the medical, let alone genomics, field. I can analyze data though and have been doing so on ARK Invest investments for the past 6 months or so. I don't live or die by what they purchase but feel it's a good place to add conviction or at least find new companies.

I feel like I have seen conversation about TXG here recently but could not find the write up so I apologize if I missed it.

This past week ARK has been buying up TXG hand over fist. In the last 7 days they have increased there holdings by 24.5%.

Since the beginning of the year they have increased their position by 400%.

As ARK Invest is on the forefront of innovation and disruption, can anyone here who understands this space better than I (which is everyone) provide any insight as to why ARK might be loading up on TXG?

Also interesting to note is that TXG has always been held in their ARKG (Genomics) ETF and this recent buying spree has been in their ARKK ETF meaning TSG is now held in 2 of their actively traded funds. Also to note, ARKK does not purchase it's own stocks. By that I mean, ARKK holdings are always a duplicate of one of their more industry specific ETF's leading me to believe their is some higher level conviction for TXG.

Sincerely appreciate the insight!

Mr. C (Cory)
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Hi there and welcome!

Im a big fan of 10x. Holding since right after their ipo.

Love their management. Transparent. Visionary.

The products seemingly are catalysts for the next generation of biotech research. Looking at cell-cell signaling... At the single cell level and seems like it can be done on a number of samples at a time. Think of it as what ILMN was to gene sequencing, this is to cell-cell interactions.

A growing number of research papers using their tech. Growing applications (which I haven't totally dove into- I'm referring to what was announced at JPM), a loving customer base. Recurring revenue streams via a pick and shovel play....

I love TXG. it's expensive, but think it's worth it. There is zero competition in a growing field that their technology and theirs alone enables the study of. Cool groundbreaking stuff. And the ceo is very much several steps ahead of everyone else.
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