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...why scientists are doubting Darwin

Statements like this are really misleading. It is like saying that quantum physicists doubt Newton. They don't. Like Darwin's, Newton's theory is incomplete, not surprising for something over a century old. But it is still foundational to modern physics just as the theory of evolution is foundational to modern biology.

Your Stephen Meyer video is remarkable for either being ignorant or purposefully misleading. He focuses on two issues, the Cambrian explosion and evolution by mutation and selection.

For the first he claims novel body types emerged suddenly during the Cambrian "without evidence of earlier ancestors". He further claims that scientists today can give "no satisfactory answer". Both are simply and clearly untrue.

In actuality there is growing fossil evidence for the ancestors of these complex body forms existing prior to the Cambrian. This is from an article written in 2011.

"Now, new evidence by a team of biologists, paleobiologists and ecologists suggests that the sudden explosion of new life forms may not have been so sudden after all. In their paper published in Science, the teams says that it appears likely that most of the new life forms that show up in fossil finds, were well on their way to development before the Cambrian period and that many of them, by their behaviors, may have helped pave the way for others."

A more recent paper extends that to conclude: "...that while the Cambrian Explosion represents a radiation of crown-group bilaterians, it was simply one phase amongst several metazoan radiations, some older and some younger."

One explanation for the "explosion" is that prior to the Cambrian oxygen levels were low, which meant that animals were mostly simple, immobile, and soft skinned (the latter by the way means you get few fossils). Oxygen levels increased significantly during the Cambrian, allowing for greater mobility that in turn led to such things as the evolution of predators that hunted other animals. The evolution of hard body forms is a good defense against predation and these are also more easily fossilized. That provides one explanation for why so many more fossils are "suddenly" found for the Cambrian. In addition, oxygen levels fluctuated substantially, which may have increased environmental stress. In any case, more complex forms and behaviors were now heavily selected for leading to a dramatic increase in diversity.

Point is that there are multiple explanations for the Cambrian explosion. It is just a matter of gathering the evidence to decide which is the right one.

As for Meyer's second problem, he is making an obsolete argument based on a strictly population genetics version of evolution that dates back to the 1940s. He ignores more recent inclusions to evolutionary theory of developmental biology, epigenesis, niche construction, not to mention the role of emergence in the creation of pattern and body forms. It is like using Newtonian physics to argue the impossibility of quantum computing. You can do it, but what is the point?

Your link is a classic example of the kind of dishonest argumentation used by the Discovery Institute. They make statements that are demonstrably not true (scientists have no explanation for the Cambrian explosion; novel body types emerged with no antecedents) and ignore new developments in evolutionary theory that they don't have an answer for.

Lies, lies, and more lies.
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