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Scientists modeled the spread of epidemics. They found that the model that most accurately reflected real world events took into account evolutionary principles.

"Traditional models that don't consider evolutionary adaptations fail at predicting the probability of the emergence of an epidemic."
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You could just as easily title this "why understanding science matters". Science is the best representation of "the truth" that we have at any given time. (I do not use "truth" in a philosophical sense, but rather in "how the universe is".) It changes and evolves as we learn new things, but it's the best we can do at any given time. As another poster mentioned, the title of this board is another way of saying "science vs not-science". If there is any conflict between those two things it is foolhardy to side with "not-science" in the face of evidence.

Obviously understanding evolution is particularly relevant right now; understanding how a virus can mutate and transmit between species (for example). Understanding adaptation in both the virus and our immune systems. To deny evolution and its workings is to handicap one in trying to understand, and ultimately defeat, this pandemic. I'm reminded that in the 14th century people thought cats were the "familiars" of witches, and clearly the Plague was witchcraft. So they killed every cat they could find. Cats that were controlling the rat population that was actually carrying the Plague through their fleas. So they made it worse by relying on myth and superstition.

Poor decisions resulting from a lack of understanding how pandemics proceed will ultimately cost tens of thousands of lives. China implemented "draconian" measures, and their rate of infection has leveled-off. They have very few new infections. The rest of the world is experiencing exponential growth because they claimed everything from "it's a hoax" to "we'll have a vaccine in a few weeks", disseminating non-scientific information and making political decisions (e.g. restrict travel from Europe, except the UK because Boris Johnson is of a like mind to Trump so he is "OK") instead of science-based ones. We still see in the press references to "draconian measures", as if government is "overreacting". Thus far government has been underreacting. We need lots of testing kits, we need to start using them, we need to use those results to isolate people and trace the paths of infections, and we will likely need more respirators. Last I knew our government was doing none of that.

So "other locations" has gone vertical in the latest data:

As I said, China is flat.

Relying on myth and superstition and wish-thinking will get us nowhere. As the protagonist in The Martian said, we "need to science the <excrement> out of this".
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