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Over at the SI gorilla game thread, there is some discussion about Wind as a possible gorilla. I thought
many people over here would enjoy the discussion and maybe could add their opinion. Wind makes a OS that goes in embedded processors. 90% of the 32bit chips are used in embedded systems not in computers, so the market is pretty big. In the next 5 years, i think everyone will agree that their will be more set-top-boxes, PDAs, cell phones, routers, DSL modems, cable modem, ect.. than PCs.

So this market seems bigger than the market for PC operating systems. Right now, in-house OSes are Wind's biggest competitor. Many GG investors are waiting to see 100% YoY revenue growth, however, according to some guy on SI, Microsoft never had 100 YoY rev growth, so..

Here are some posts that i thought were intersting.
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