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About 18% of all food stamps benefits are spent at Walmart and Walmart's wages are so low that many employees are on food stamps as well.

One of the major beneficiaries of the nation's food-stamp program is actually a hugely profitable company: Walmart.

Americans spend about 18 percent of all food stamp dollars at Walmart, according to company estimates told to the Wall Street Journal and confirmed by The Huffington Post. That's about $14 billion of the $80 billion Congress set aside for food stamps last year. The company's total profits for 2013 were $17 billion.

That so many people associate Walmart with food stamps was clear earlier this month, when Louisiana food-stamp users realized a computer glitch caused them to temporarily have unlimited food-stamp money to spend. What did they do? They raced to local Walmart stores and stripped the shelves bare.


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makes sense.
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Should be a no brainer then. End the extra funds for the stimulus period, since the economy has recovered. Try to cut the fraud and waste, and you'll have finally hurt Wal Mart.
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About 900,000 veterans and 5,000 active duty troops face cuts in their food stamp benefits beginning Thursday as $5 billion is automatically trimmed from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) program for low-income families.

I do hope that the same folks who stood with the veterans for photo-ops at the memorial recently will do the right thing.

YEAS...Bachmann. Too late.

The cynicism is just dreary. At least she has decided to move on to bigger and better things. The 5000 number for active duty is kind of encouraging, it was double that 10 years ago. Presumably improvements in pay mostly responsible.
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What's interesting is that the SNAP increase was meant to be temporary. Just as the temporary SS decrease expired, so does the SNAP increase. But the enormous rise in people qualifying for SNAP has led to many that want to stop the unchecked increase before it gets even larger. We had a huge drug bust not long ago, and every member of the household was getting full benefits of government assistance.

Democrats want so badly to keep what they view are Gains in many programs that were expanded due to the recession. Meanwhile, nobody stopped a $171 billion Farm bill, nor will either side wind down an $80 billion per month Fed QE program. Incidentally, I believe the Fed's QE program is roughly equivalent the the Annual cost of SNAP.

At a time when the country needs to find a way to grow, and build strength in the middle class, the Administration rolls out Obamacare, gives away incentives to wealthy farmers, and every month, makes sure that Wall Street and big banks are happy.

Never mind that middle class wages have barely budged. Obama could have actually gained support if he ever understood the middle class and the average self-employed worker. I think in the long run, both he and his fellow liberals will find out that many self-employed and employed workers are in fact Democrats themselves.
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