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You truly can't fix stupid:

"A woman is facing a $1,000,000 lawsuit over an incident that took place the day after Thanksgiving, where she brandished a gun.

Police responded to an incident in a Texas grocery store parking lot the day after Thanksgiving. Victims and witnesses told them that a woman had parked behind another vehicle, got out of her car, and pointed a gun at the people inside of the car, including a woman’s six-month-old child. The woman threatened to shoot them over the parking space."
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I don't know the details of this case... but in this age of 'jussie smollett' #fake&setup, be skeptical. How heavily edited is this video, etc & what was said and done before video starts?
Sued for $1,000,000.00 seems excessive and is a giant red-flag as it could be hungry lawyers looking for a pay-day.
'Oh, the trauma...where is my psychiatrist! years of therapy ahead...oh my!'
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I'm sure the store security cameras and the various witnesses will validate one story or the other. I always park far out in the lot to avoid potential situations like this. There is no way I want to have a gun pointed in my face over a parking space. Things have become pretty sad when this is what one faces on a simple shopping trip.
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