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This has to be the most unusual thing I've read in a while.

Solo, a former University of Washington goalkeeper, has enjoyed endorsement deals with Gatorade, Bank of America, Nike and Seiko, to name a few. It remains unclear what her immediate soccer future will be, though she has said she plans to compete in the 2015 World Cup and 2016 Olympics.

Stevens, 33, was arrested under suspicion of having assaulted Solo, 31, at her Kirkland home Monday. A stun gun was reportedly used to break up the altercation, but a judge ordered Stevens released Tuesday, saying there was not sufficient cause to hold him.

The couple reportedly had been dating two months and got married later Tuesday. Police say the incident remains under investigation.


She marries a guy with a criminal past after knowing him for two months? Who's holding the gun?

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Hope Solo

She should've stayed single and called her sons Han and Napoleon.
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