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Hi Ladies!

It looks like this used to be a very active message board, so I thought that I'd try my luck here...

We are actively seeking applicants for our PAID Analyst Development Program and specifically, female applicants. We'd love to have some our super intelligent female community members join us full time. Here's the position description and a link where you can apply:

Job Summary

The Motley Fool seeks out the very best group of investor analysts in the world. If investing is your passion here's the once in a lifetime opportunity to take your skills to the next level. A select group of candidates will hone their investing, analytical, and communication skills through study, practice and hands-on application in an exciting work environment.

Our next class is starting sometime around mid-February, 2010.

Primary Responsibilities/Objectives
•Position is in-house in Alexandria Virginia, and calls for approximately 40 to 50 hours per week.
•Approximately 50% of the time will be spent on learning and development. The other 50% will be spent working on a rotational basis within the analyst groups at The Motley Fool.
•This position offers exposure to a wealth of investment perspectives. Candidate will have the opportunity to learn, develop and refine equity analysis techniques and methodologies
•Additional responsibilities include fielding difficult investment questions from other writers and editors and taking creative steps to improve The Motley Fool's content
•You will write articles and contribute to newsletters

Core Competencies
•Demonstrate a sustained passion for investing and the pursuit of worldly wisdom
•Voracious reader
•Must be a clear writer who can communicate in a succinct and friendly manner
•Must be a very quick learner, and have unflappable logical thinking skills
•Demonstrated ability to be a team player and achieve group goals
•Embrace honesty and optimism in the pursuit of excellence
•Candidate must "get" Foolishness and understand the Fool ethos
•Demonstrated ability to be rational and exhibit uncommon sense
•Able to learn from others but make independent decisions with confidence

Preferred Qualities
•A solid understanding of financial statements and their interplay
•Detailed knowledge of investment analysis, including equity valuation experience
•Sense of humor a must
•Mild obsession with personal analytical development preferred
•Deep knowledge surrounding the ancient art of roller disco

Education and Job Knowledge
Experience with and passion for investing
College degree is desirable but not essential
A track record of excellence

To apply, click here:

Thanks, I'll be looking for your resume!
Angelique Keenley
Director-ish HR Fool
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It looks like a fun position. Too bad I'm in Canada. (And have a job that I really enjoy)
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Well, I'm glad that you have a job that you enjoy! Too many people can't make that claim ;-)

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