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My vote for best dog in the show this year goes to WonderPup.

WonderPup has been a member of the Community for nearly five years and he fittingly sports both a cup and a crown. He doesn't bark, bite or chew on the table legs. I value the good judgment, diplomacy and thoughtfulness he displays in his posts. He educates, amuses and enriches us. He's a teacher, not a preacher. His posts are well thought-out, he makes his points with tact and careful consideration, and he always gives us a lot of food for thought.

He patiently and insightfully explained his position on affirmative action

and taught us that correlation does not equal causation.

He gives personal guidance in a diplomatic manner,

offers astute lessons in life

and provides encouragement.

He responds to criticism in a levelheaded manner

and when he gets on his soapbox to argue a point, he does it with tact
and perspicuity.

He's concerned about giving too much power to uptight psycho
right wing nut case fundamentalist misogynist buttmonkeys.

He has a great sense of humor

and he appreciates good beer.

It is my pleasure to nominate WonderPup for the 2004 Feste award. WOOF!

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