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The 2008 sell off was a slow death for the board... life got too busy for monitoring and posting regularly.

Thx for the 'Best MJ' link, Cal

The Fool appears to have focused on...,OR...

... several in that list. I added a few others on my CaPs profile.

Hey Lake, by the time I found this board, most of the content consisted of Symbol & position (oversold, overbought, channel, gap, etc.).

Just enough info. to stimulate a discussion. But, we were monitoring The Fool every day back then. Several of us late arrivals came from the pay service.

--Tye aka SM2K
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Hey Tye, nice to meet you. Love your nickname......SoMch2Knw. I'd have to change it for me to SoMch2Lrn!

So maybe I'll post some thoughts, basted with ignorance, and you who are in the know can rip it apart. Said with some jest, but maybe it would kickstart some activity??

Nick aka LakeD
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I'm in all except KSHB. There might be quicker upside in price as an eventual trade, but CGC is my "Blue Chip" cannabis stock.
Canopy’s new distribution center is another positive, he said. The company spent $50 million upgrading an 80,000-square-foot industrial building beside its production facility into a center that has automated excise-tax labeling and packing lines and expects to start shipping to the Canadian provinces by mid-September.

I'm late to the cannabis party but believe it'll outperform the market for a few years. Started watching about the time of TLRY IPO ... it's Wild West.

Please visit often. I'd appreciate any insight, long-term, short-term and trading.

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p.s., forgot to add -- Visit often, especially considering the lack of cannabis discussion on the boards.
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Greetings d and LakeD,

Don't let the moniker fool ya, LakeD.
I've been trying to learn from the very beginning. And there are So Many different methods of investing it is Too Much to know, at least for part-timers. There always seems to be something that will surprise you, depending on your time frame.

Definitely wild west, d.
Although, the financials are starting to get consistent and dependable with quite a few of the so-called leaders, at least those listed in Canada. I have primarily been attempting to glean bits of financial strength from Foolish articles and focusing on market capitalization compared to competitors. More of a long-term hold mindset then short-term chart signals.

I want to believe full on legalization in the U.S. (Federal) remains to be the (short-term) reward. And, I hope, that hype will allow for dumping the losers and adding to the legitimate players.

Not sure if this one made my previous link, HEXO...|B|...
... DYODD, for sure, I have not done enough!! But, I did pull the trigger last month, after the run up, so I am underwater for now ($6.71). I like its deal with Molson-Coors and a recent acquisition to increase production. The obvious downside is dilution, which makes tracking an accurate marketcap difficult.

The wise advice of Cal, protect your capital with automatic stops. Easier said then done, of course, again, depending on the strategy underlying your decision to buy.

Good Luck one and all,
Tye aka SM2K
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