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I have developed a habit of watching woodworking videos. I don't know why. Mostly I watch people turning bowls on lathes, or Norm Abrams making furniture.

A couple of woodturners have an annual Christmas ornament challenge. You send in a video of you turning an ornament, and they put it in a playlist, so every can see what everyone else is doing. Last year some companies offered some prizes, and the competition ramped up, and this year, again, some prizes were offered. The competition is amazing. There are some really talented, professional woodturners who enter.

Now, last year a kid named Justin Fiaschetti entered. Here's his video:

If you don't feel like watching, I'll give you the overview. He doesn't have a lathe, so he took a cordless drill and attached it to a 2x4, and uses that. He doesn't have all the bow gouges and scrapers and so on everyone else uses, so he has screwdrivers. He's had no training. And he did a really beautiful piece.

One of the guys who runs the challenge started calling sponsors to see if he could get this kid a lathe, and by the time a company agreed to give this kid a lathe, another sponsor was calling to offer some woodworking tools. And some professionals who had entered were offering some extra tools and equipment, because watching this kid is just amazing.

So this is what Justin made this year.

And he won the challenge. He's just that good.

Here's the whole list, if you're interested. For some reason, the beginning of the challenge is at the end of the playlist, and the results are at the beginning. So I've started you at number 2.

Some people are so good, so imaginative, it blows my mind away.

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Wow. That's a really beautiful ornament that he made the second year. Wow.

ThyPeace, and what a cool story.
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What an incredibly talented young man! I'm so glad he was able to get proper tools to really let his creativity shine.

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