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Hi GG'rs,

After having read a bit of what everyone had to say, and spending a little time perusing MDP and its philosophy, I'm just not sold on it. They have a very different philosophy about international investing... and investing in general than I do.

More importantly, I don't want to get used to a much more expensive service for a year that I'm not going to be able to pay for the following year. I'd rather not come to rely on something that I will have to cut off.

I was wondering two things:

1) How can I find out more about other MF services that may fit me a bit better? Is there some way I can get to know them without having to do a 1-month trial of all of them? (Something I don't have time for.) And how much international exposure do they have? (I know HG, but I really don't know SA, RB, IV or II very well at all.) Even a quick look at some of their core stocks, and a clear explanation of who the portfolio advisers are right now, would probably help a lot.

2) Assuming I do find another service that is more to my liking, is there any way to shift the free year of MDF to one of the other MF services?

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None of the other services comes remotely close to GG in intl exposure. In terms closest in terms of style I would say its Inside Value

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In terms of concentration of intl companies, its probably Income Investor, of course nowhere near the number as GG, but some GG picks like PVD and TLK are there, but of course the dividend is the main focus which may or may not be your style

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I agree with you fully on MDP.

I used to have subscriptions to HG, GG, RB & SA. shortly after HG transformed from Tom Gardner to a portfolio type of service I dropped it.
I will probably drop GG/ MDP shortly.

I believe that either SA or RB would be a good replacement for GG. they are not pure international services but they do have good mix of multinationals, growth stories like BIDU etc.
Most improtantly, SA is run by both Tom & David G. and RB is run by David G (and a team ) so the spirit (and performance) of the Fool is still preserved.
Both SA & RB are not portfolio services, just the regular 2 a month recs.
I think both SA & RB are the flagship services of the Fool and as such TMF know that they can not be changed/touched because once that happens (like HG, GG) subscribers will abandon en masse.

Cheers and good luck
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Hello, J. Thanks for checking out MDP, and I'm sorry it wasn't the service for you. Our member services team should be able to get you into a service that's a better fit.

Here's a short description of all the Fool's services.

ALPHA (Advisor: Matthew Richey)
Description: A real-money portfolio that uses long and short positions combined with options. It's the Fool's hedge-fund-style service.
Best for: Active investors who prefer a concentrated portfolio.
Favorite Feature: Alpha Weekly gives you a glimpse into portfolio manager Matthew Richey’s thought process and market views.

MOTLEY FOOL ONE (Advisor: Rich Greifner)
Description: Provides total access to all of The Motley Fool’s services and in-depth access to the Fool’s advisors.
Best for: People who are passionate about investing and enjoy multiple Fool services.
Favorite Feature: Inside Duke Street collects the best content from throughout Fooldom each week, whittled down to an executive summary.

HIDDEN GEMS (Advisors: Andy Cross and Seth Jayson)
Description: A combination real-money portfolio and idea-generation service that uncovers compelling ideas for small-cap investors.
Best for: Anybody. Hidden Gems come in all flavors: value, growth, conservative, and aggressive.
Favorite Feature: Tons of bonus content, from Watch Listers and Tiny Gems to the always-popular Baggers & Laggers and valuation videos.

INCOME INVESTOR (Advisor: James Early)
A stock-picking service that focuses on high-yielding, high-quality stocks.
Best for: Conservative, long-term oriented investors
Favorite Feature: Members go nuts for the Income Investor tax table. Seriously.

INSIDE VALUE (Advisor: Joe Magyer)
Description: A value-oriented stock-picking service that uncovers wide-moat stocks trading for no-moat prices.
Best for: Conservative, long-term oriented cheapskates.
Favorite Feature: Audio extras for every pick, plus coverage from special events, such as the annual Berkshire Hathaway meeting and Value Investing Congress.

MILLION DOLLAR PORTFOLIO (Lead advisor: Ron Gross)
Description: A real-money portfolio that invests in the best stock ideas from around the Fool and incorporates them into a diverse and balanced portfolio.
Best for: Patient investors who prefer a diverse portfolio.
Favorite Feature: MDP’s OATS framework is a great way to evaluate a company’s management team.

MOTLEY FOOL OPTIONS (Advisors: Jeff Fischer and Jim Gillies)
Description: A service that suggests options strategies to complement your long-term investing strategy.
Best for: Advanced investors who want to earn supplemental income or reduce the risk of their equity positions.
Favorite Feature: Options U has invaluable advice for options investors of any skill level; visually-inclined learners will love co-advisor Jim Gillies’ video series.

MOTLEY FOOL PRO (Advisor: Jeff Fischer)
Description: A real-money portfolio that combines stocks, options, and ETFs for investors seeking consistent profit.
Best for: Active investors who prefer a diverse portfolio.
Favorite Feature: The discussion boards are perhaps the most active in all of Fooldom – thanks in large part to the incredibly responsive and patient Pro team.

RULE BREAKERS (Advisor: David Gardner)
Description: A stock-picking service that seeks out the high-growth, high-risk stocks poised to become tomorrow’s market leaders.
Best for: Long-term oriented investors who like their stocks to have a good story and don’t mind a little volatility.
Favorite Feature: The team’s reports from cutting-edge conferences like the Consumer Electronics Show.

RULE YOUR RETIREMENT (Advisor: Robert Brokamp)
Description: A financial guidance service that provides comprehensive, easy-to-follow financial-planning advice.
Best for: Don’t let the name fool you; this service has valuable tips for everyone from teenagers to retirees.
Favorite Feature: Advisor Robert “Bro” Brokamp makes financial planning simple and surprisingly fun.

SPECIAL OPS (Advisor: Tom Jacobs)
Description: A real-money portfolio that seeks out small- and micro-cap deep values, turnarounds and special situations for risk-tolerant investors.
Best for: Advanced investors who enjoy digging into the details.
Favorite Feature: The Special Ops team provides deep-dive analysis on each of its recommendations.

STOCK ADVISOR (Advisor: David Gardner and Tom Gardner)
Description: The Fool's flagship stock-picking service that brings David and Tom Gardner’s top investment ideas to investors of any level.
Best for: Anybody. David and Tom’s recommendations come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors.
Favorite Feature: The scorecard. Just look at those returns!

SUPERNOVA (Advisor: David Gardner with two portfolio-building teams)
Description: A real-money, multiple-portfolio service based on stocks recommended by David Gardner in Rule Breakers or Stock Advisor. Choose which portfolio to follow based on your own financial goals.
Best for: Long-term oriented investors who like their stocks to have a good story and don’t mind a little volatility.
Favorite Feature: A monthly podcast with David Gardner.

If you like:
-- An actively-managed, concentrated portfolio, check out Alpha, Special Ops

-- An actively-managed, diversified portfolio, check out Pro

-- A long-term-oriented, diversified portfolio, check out Million Dollar Portfolio

-- Value stocks, check out Inside Value, Special Ops

-- Growth stocks, check out Rule Breakers, Stock Advisor

-- Dividend stocks, check out Income Investor

-- Small-cap stocks, check out Hidden Gems, Special Ops

-- Options,check out Motley Fool Options, Pro

-- Asset allocation advice, check out Rule Your Retirement

The Fool's Member Services team is ready to help you at or 888-665-3665, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.

Best of luck in your continuting investing journey.
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