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Wow, very interesting you mention working overseas.

First of all, I am beginning to think that people who get ahead have something other than hard work that helped them along, most often it's just dumb luck probably. Some people have wealthy parents and never worry about their future. Some people do not have a wealthy background but maybe a parent leaves them a house fully paid for and they have no worries there. Your example is another one. We have not had any of these happen to us yet, I always thought that it would, not sure what I expected. Some had the foresight when they were younger to pick good careers, or they had the money/family that pushed them to be doctors, lawyers, etc. Some people fall into amazing business deals. Some people luck out buying something that goes big.

I make good money and have the potential to make good money (I'm an IT professional) but I'm 46. I've been working a long time and I waited a long time to marry and have a home and family and I'll be D*MNED if I am going to work like a slave the next 20 years and give up enjoying home and family life. But what to do? I don't mind working hard, but I want to come home at night, not work second and third jobs.

Back to your point... DH is from an island, 33 years there and now moved to the U.S. and has been here one year. It is very hard for him acclimating to US life/commerce. He lived a simple life but had a good job (works in TV broadcasting) and is in his field here, which is really great for a new immigrant. He just doesn't make much money... yet. All he wants is to work hard 8 hours a day and make enough money to live (which is all I want as well, but I'm jaded as to that possibility!). But "enough money to live" here in the US means earning twice what you spend so you can save for the future, for accidents, for illness, for education, for hospital stays, and if you are REALLY lucky, for vacations. In his native country, this was all taken care of, albeit in a more minimal manner but still, he would have been cared for there in his old age, here, he has to save for the future.

He mentions all the time his desire to find "some country" where it's cheaper to live and the weather is warm and he can live by the sea (I tell him that this country is in his CABEZA (that would be his head)).

I just really feel at a loss. Currently, making a combined income of 94K, we can break even every month. I pay $10 over my minimum on credit cards so it will be years until we pay them off. We will not save any in the meantime. For now I just have to lay off thinking about the future, hoping something good happens to me/us!

One can always dream....
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