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The Bush administration last year submitted a license application to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and hoped to have the repository operating by 2020. The Obama administration is not withdrawing the application because of concerns about lawsuits but, nonetheless, insists the Yucca Mountain project will not go forward.


Kicking the can down the road. Yucca Mountain is being killed for purely political reasons. Energy Secretary Chu said he wants to go forward with the licensing process.

Chu is the scientist. If there are scientific reasons why Yucca Mountain should not be licensed, then the NRC will reject the application. But Harry Reid thinks he knows more than all of the scientists and engineers working on the project.

Yucca Mountain is located adjacent to the Nevada Test Site, where the government detonated over 1000 nuclear weapons from the 1950s through 1992. The land is already somewhat radioactive and will not expose the public to any more radiation by putting the spent fuel waste inside Yucca Mountain.

The government is responsible for establishing a final repository and the government has failed. Now they are going to kick the can down the road for another Democratic administration that doesn't want to deal with an uncomfortable subject. At least the Bush administration tried to do something.

- Pete
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