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Not exactly a tax thing, but..

Computershare recently took over the dividend re-investment program (DRIP) for Microsoft.

When they took over my kids' account (which has three names on it), Computershare changed the registration from Joint Tenants With Rights of Surviorship (JT WROS) to JT TEN.

As I understand it, some states consider these registrations to be the same...but not all. Since the three names on the account live in three different states (NY, WA, and NC), I called Computershare and asked them to change it back to JT WROS. That was a week or two ago.

They just called this morning, and said they were not going to make the change because there is no difference in the registration.

So I just called investor relations at microsoft and left them a message that I was pissed off...and can Computershare make this registration change with no ones consent? Hopefully this will get squared away quickly.

Any words of wisdom?
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Any words of wisdom?

Not really, it sounds as if you have done everything you could.
Is it time to close out this account and put it in a normal brokerage account?
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