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Cross-posted from the Living on Disability.

I have been on SSDI since 2010. Long before I became disabled, one of my lifelong dreams was to go to college.

I've spent the last two years gradually getting myself a bit more stable in various ways. The most recent big step was filing for bankruptcy and I just received my bankruptcy discharge end of October.

Honestly I don't know that I will ever return to work on a full-time basis with (or without) SSDI, but I wondered about the options or possibilities. At the very least, I want to improve my own standard of living in different ways with the hope of working part-time or more.

I wonder particularly if there are any types of possible options for getting student grants and loans to help me with my education. Also about 2 months ago, I had called the SSA for other matters and asked at one point about any types of possible student grants/loans, but was told "no" on the phone.

For background, I'm in my late forties, live in NYC. I had been a clerical worker all my life.

Thank you for any thoughts or ideas.

Lois Carmen D.
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Well there was (actually still is) a board called Grown Up Fools Back In School that used to be a good place for that type of question...

unfortunately it gets even less traffic than this board, seems to have died with the financial crisis.
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Hey Lois,

I know it's been a while since you asked, but I haven't been aorund for some time now...Obviously. :-)

Before I was able to qualify for SSDI, I was still able to get help through a state agency (N.H.) for financial assistance with some college classes. They paid for everything. I don't recall exactly how I did this since it was so many years ago, but here's a wonderful site for finding information like this...


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