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I'm sorry if this has already been covered (I tried
to open the FAQ for this board but it sent me over
to Amazon!!). Let's say on 9/1/99 (m/d/y) I made my
maximum $2000 contribution to my Roth IRA. When am
I eligible to deposit another $2000? 1/1/00, 4/16/00,
or 9/2/00?

Thank you,
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You may make your '00 contribution any time between 1/1/00 and 4/15/01 (tax day), but to avoid confusion in the recordkeeping, when made between 1/1/00 and 4/15/00 its a good idea to clearly indicate to your custodian the year to which the contribution is to be applied. I write the year intended on the memo line of the check.
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