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Thanks guys for starting to talk about the in-between companies. I asked pointed questions not to be critical but to as a starting point for discussion.

My biggest reason for having some method to distinguish a good tweener (future rulemaker) from a bad tweener (death rattle) is to know what to do when a first mover investment (rulebreaker) has some serious competition but doesn't quite cut the mustard when analyzed as a maker. Long term buy and hold types like myself need a really good reason to sell. The impending death rattle would be a good reason...I submit that making initial purchases of tweeners is probably not the best overall investment strategy but that selling all companies that pass through this stage and then repurchasing the best a few years later at higher prices may not be a great idea either.

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Yes - there are numerous small stocks that I'm looking at but I'd like to catch them when they are taking off. Yahoo started at under $30 and tooped out at $244. Wouldn't we all like to have had at least a little of that in our Christmas stocking right then? How do you know when a small stock you've been eyeing is about to start a good uphill climb?
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