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Yes, let's never forget who the real victims are here. Nagin, Blano, Brown, Chertoff, and Bush.

Apparently you all fail to see the point.

Far too many of these "victims" were "victims" before the storm hit. They've been "victims" their entire lives. Their entire identities depend on their being "victims." They've been "wronged" by the majority, by the police, by society, and now by the government that was supposed to save them. There is an entire industry devoted to selling this ideology to these people, and it has worked wonderfully.

There was nothing the government could have done to save these people during and after the storm because they were doomed before the storm by this "we're victims!" viewpoint. If you're a victim you can blame others for your problems, and continue to blame them when things don't improve. It isn't your fault! It's socities' fault for being racist. It's the rich guy's fault for oppressing us. It's the Republican's fault for not giving us more. It's the gun manufacturer's fault for making the guns we use to kill each other, etc.

So a major disaster hits, and the "victims" are told to take care of themselves for a few days. And they fail miserably, because they are incapable of it. They've never taken responsibility for themselves before, you can't just flip a switch and stop being a perpetual victim.

Now, you would think that something like this would be a wake-up call. No, the government can't provide for all of your needs 100% of the time, sometimes you need to take care of yourself too! In fact, life works much better if you take care of yourself as often as possible and rely on the government as little as possible... because you then don't risk being left high and dry by the government when the stuff hits the fan.

But that lesson isn't being learned, not at all. The "Rev." Jessie Jackson and his ilk will make sure of that, there's a victim industry to protect after all! Victims also tend to vote a certain way, for those making them unfulfillable promises of course, that boat can't be rocked either. The government just stopped paying for hotel rooms... another sign that relying on the government is a bad idea or more proof that these people are victims? Hmmm, looking at the media reports I'd have to say the latter is the general tone. Shocking!

To be frank, I don't have much respect for perpetual victims. They're the one's buying into the tripe, and I'm one of the people paying for it. I'd love to show them another way, but they aren't about to listen to a white male Conservative, so any advice falls on deaf ears. All I can do is say "I told you so" when the inevitable happens. If that makes me heartless and uncompassionate to some, so be it. I'm not the one selling victimhood as a lifestyle.

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