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Yo! Mark,

Your response is typical of the misinformation that is out there.

<<1% maybe the total population usage, while 25% is for certain routes.>>

You miss the point here. Phoenix (this is not a "Valley" issue, it is before the Phoenix voters and will be spent on Phoenix routes, left turn lanes and bus pullouts.

Moreover, if we use your convoluted logic, we never should have approved the money for the Sqaw Peak Parkway. No, the answer is a diversified system of transportation which includes parkways like the Squaw Peak, left turn arrows at every busy intersection, bus pull-outs, and additional, clean-burning busses.

<<Obviously if you eliminated buses on the 25% route, this would increase other forms of transportation, but increasing buses does not mean these will go to 50% more.>>

I never said it would. All I said is that the busses on the routes I referenced are PACKED at rush hours and increased capacity will clearly offer increased utilization. 50% is YOUR number, it never appeared in my comments. But it is clear from anecdotal observation, as well as a study of the numbers, that bus ridership is limited presently by a ludicrous outdated system.

<<Secondly, in those areas that have 25% usage rates, I ask the question 'How many of them have cars?' My guess is that the 25% routes are in guadalupe and downtown phoenix where much of the population does not own a car.>>

With all due respect, your guess is WAY off. Guadelupe never even comes into the equation. When was the last time you rode a bus in PHOENIX? This election is about Phoenix solutions. Not Guadelupe.

<<Let's be honest, the area is too big for decent bus service.>>

Why? Once again, we are talking PHOENIX.

Moreover, this money is about more than busses. It is about turn lanes, turn signals, pull-outs, etc.

Let me repeat that I acknowledge that this is solution is far from perfect. But I stand by my comment that perfect solutions are impossible. We have to choose the best possible solution given the format in which they are presented. (elections - which implicitly precludes perferction.) IMO - this solution is the best in such circumstances.

stephen barnes

(on the other hand, based on past performance, I have a great deal of confidence that voters will ignore such and vote this thing down. I hope not, but I fear so.)
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